Consultancy for Solar Passive Designs of Private Buildings

Here is an opportunity to design your house/hotel/building by incorporating internationally acclaimed Solar passive housing technology. A Cell in the Council provides consultancy to public in Himachal Pradesh at nominal charges. Consultancy for retrofitting of old houses with solar passive heating systems is also available.

Solar passive Judge's House at Shimla
  1. Environmental friendly
  2. Low energy bills
  3. Comfortable living conditions
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Clean and hygienic
  6. No operating noise
A maximum saving of 60-70% on conventional fuels required for space heating during winters and cooling during summers can be achieved. Large windows and views, sunny interiors, open floor spaces, warmer in winters, cooler in summers resulting in comfortable living conditions even during power failures, durable, reduced operational cost, independent from future rises of fuel costs, clean environment to combat growing concern over global warming and ozone depletion are the main features.


The incorporation of passive solar features in a new house will not normally require extra expenditure. The houses under consideration can be divided in three main categories:

  1. Houses where choice of proper orientation and site planning and efficient functional planning is possible, energy efficiency can be achieved at no major extra cost.
  2. Houses for which there is less availability of sunlight, less independence in selecting the site and orientation, there is an increase of only 5-10 % which may be required for greater levels of insulation, special heating and cooling requirements. However, due to lesser fuel /electricity consumption year round, this incremental cost can be recovered within 5-7 years.
  3. Houses which are to be retrofitted with Space heating solar passive systems like Trombe wall, sunspace, space heating green houses, adding insulations will require extra funds.
Guidelines for New Solar Passive Houses

Stage-I: Preliminary Data Collection & Site Visit

  1. The client will submit the request on prescribed proforma, land tatima alongwith preliminary sketch plan of the house to be constructed. Client will provide preliminary Sunshine availability of the site & climatic data.
  2. The Technical Cell team will visit the site & hold discussions with client and identify solar passive heating & cooling requirements along with financial implications, if any.
  3. Optional: Obstruction survey to find the availability of sunshine could also be carried out if required [extra charges].
Stage-II: Analysis & Designing
  1. Analysis of Site data, climatic data, heating & cooling requirements of house will be carried out by the Cell
  2. Based upon the analysed data, the architect will prepare conceptual designs
  3. Conceptual designs will be discussed with client
  4. Final drawings will be prepared by the cell
  5. Drawings will be issued to the client
  6. Approval of drawings from the competent authority as per bylaws will be the responsibility of the client
Stage-III Construction of the house

Site visit & supervision by the engineer/architectural/scientific staff during various stages when main solar passive features are to be incorporated (minimum 2 visits).

Consultancy Fee for Private Houses/Buildings*

i. For designing new buildings

Residential Building
Total Area Fees[in Rs.]
Upto 70sqm



More thn 210sqm



Commercial Building
Total Area Fees[in Rs.]
Upto 140sqm

More than 140sqm


ii. For retrofitting of old buildings [fees in Rs.]

Type of service Residential Commercial
Detailed working drawings with Solar passive systems

Details of only Solar passive system/feature

Supervision during construction for local sites





Site Visit Charges:
1. For Local Sites at Shimla, Transportation has to be provided by Client for site visits.
2. For outstation sites, the stay & travel expenses are to be borne by the client as under:

@ Rs. 300 per day plus free transportion & Lodging or @500 per day plus free transportation.

*all the charges subject to change, terms & conditions apply, services are offered for H.P. only, the total fee has to be paid in advance through cheque/draft in favour of the Member Secretary(EC), SCSTE Shimla.

Nodal Officer:
Sh. Kamraja Kaisth, Principal Scientific Officer
E-mail: kkaisth[at]yahoo[dot]com

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