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H.P.Co-operative Bank, Simla
Himachal Pradesh is the first state in the country to introduce Solar passive building technology for the design & construction of Govt. & Semi Govt buildings on large scale. The Council has formulated a Solar House Action Plan for Himachal Pradesh in May 1994, which is being supported by Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India.
The Council is co-ordinating the Solar Passive Building Programme in Himachal Pradesh in collaboration with HP Public Works Department H.P. (PWD), HP Housing and Urban development authority (HIMUDA) Board & other organisations.
Solar Passive building technology utilises the orientation of building for the availability of solar energy at the site for natural heating or cooling of the building resulting in saving large amounts of fossil fuels and electricity. With about 250 days of sunshine per year, Himachal Pradesh has an ideal climate for solar passive heating. The adoption of this technology in the design of buildings in the state will not only reduce the large consumption of fossil fuels and electricity for space heating, but also result in considerable savings of Govt. exchequer.

Policy Initiatives

Solar House Action Plan for Himachal Pradesh

A Solar House Action Plan for Himachal Pradesh, formulated and co-ordinated by the State Council for Science, Technology and Environment, H.P. was approved in 1994, by HP Govt. under which it has been made mandatory that all Govt./Semi Govt. buildings be designed and constructed as per Solar passive housing technology in a phased manner.

Policy on Solar passive housing:

Solar passive building technology has been made mandatory in Himachal Pradesh under which all the departments including Corporations, Boards, Universities, HP Housing Board and HPPWD should incorporate features of Solar passive technology in their designs at places above 2000 meters (msl) vide H.P. Govt. Notification No.STV (S&T)A(5)1/93 Dated 18-08-2000. The State Council for Science Technology & Environment will be nodal agency for the implementation of solar passive housing technology in H.P.


 A Technical Project Management Cell [TPMC] has been set up in the Council to provide technical inputs to the state housing agencies for the implementation of policy decision & solar house action plan for H.P.

Financial Incentives

Under the Solar Building Programme, the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES), Government of India, provides incentive of Rs. 50,000 for the preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for a solar passive building. The additional cost for solar passive buildings is met by the MNES, limited to 10% of the cost of the building or Rs. 10 lakh per building. These incentives are available only in Govt./ semi Govt. sector.

 Projects on Solar Passive Housing
( Completed Projects)
  1. Thermal Comfort Evaluation of Solar Passive Houses for Cold Climates Regions of HP (MNES sponsored)
  2. Solar Passive Housing Technology Backup Unit for Hill States (DST sponsored)
  3. Assessment Study for Energy Supply of Solar Passive Designed Buildings in HP (MNES sponsored)
  4. Income Generation Programme for Traditional Artisans. (DST sponsored)
  5. Implementation of Solar House Action Plan for Himachal Pradesh (MNES/HP Govt. sponsored)
  6. Solar Passive Design of buildings under under DPEP.
  7. Adoption of buildings Simulation Tools using measured performance  of Buildings in India.

( Ongoing Projects)

  1. Solar Passive Design of buildings under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan.
  2. Implementation of Solar House Action Plan for Himachal Pradesh (MNES/HP Govt. sponsored)

Solar passive building of State Bank of Patiala, Shimla

Nodal Officer:

Sh. Kamraja Kaisth, Principal Scientific Officer
E-mail: kkaisth[at]yahoo[dot]com

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